SEGURA is providing M&E guidance to USAID’s Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAGCD), as a part of TetraTech’s PASTO technical support project.  This project supports more than 30 organizations that are developing alternative energy innovations with application to agriculture and agribusiness. To date we have:

  • reviewed and revised the PAGCD Program’s M&E Plan and indicators based on USAID evaluation policy;
  • developed an Innovator Monitoring & Evaluation Plan Guide;
  • created Monitoring Site Visit Procedures and advised on the first site visit in Senegal;
  • crafted a M&E guidance presentation for new innovators who attended the Powering Agricultural Accelerator Workshop in November 2015 and participated as a facilitator; and
  • reviewed individual 2014 innovators’ M&E plans and provided feedback. 

We are currently preparing to review the M&E plans for the 2015 awardees and provide them feedback. 

Ron Ivey
Principal Associate
SEGURA Consulting LLC
Tel: (301) 469-4724