SEGURA Consulting provided technical assistance to support investment in client countries in Africa under the PCGA Task Order, as a subcontractor to Deloitte. The Private Capital Group for Africa (PCGA) worked with the USAID Africa Bureau and selected USAID Missions and Bureaus to procure private capital flows for Africa towards the accomplishment of the Agency’s development goals. PCGA sought opportunities for USAID to support private sector-driven solutions to challenges in various sectors, including energy as it relates to Power Africa.

SEGURA's role included the following:

  • Strategy and Investment Advisory Services to PCGA, to provide institutional support to PCGA in field and partner outreach. 
  • Scale up or Replicate Best Investment Practices, to develop investment platform/vehicles or investment transactions that can address challenges and can be transformational at regional or continent-wide levels. 
  • USAID Mission Support Services, to work with individual African Missions to support country programs to identify and develop funding opportunities that will drive investment in key economic sectors.
  • Support for Host Country Trade & Investment Offices, Bureaus or Ministries, to provide targeted support to targeted institution(s), in coordination with appropriate USAID offices and partners, including trade hubs. 
  • Support to the PCGA’s outreach and communications.  Key tasks were to develop a communications and knowledge management strategy to strengthen the organizational capabilities within USAID to attract private sector capital to USAID projects and increase USAID engagement with private sector partners in priority sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Energy-related assignments included:

  • Providing transactional technical assistance for PCGA. Specific activities included providing support for the development of a Catalytic Fund in Tanzania and completing due diligence reviews of energy companies.
  • Supporting PCGA in preparing due diligence assessments of potential USAID private sector partners for the Power Africa initiative. 
  • Providing technical assistance on prioritizing projects and preparing standardized transaction documents for energy projects.
  • Analyzing financing constraints in the African energy sector and bankability of select energy projects.
  • Conducting feasibility review of available information to identify post-privatization capital investment needs of electricity generation companies (Gencos) and distribution companies (Discos).
  • Providing support in developing the institutional capacity of the Rural Energy Agency (REA) of the United Republic of Tanzania in the identification, prioritization and completion of rural energy transactions and projects. Assistance included review of off-grid and grid-connected projects based on deployment of cost effective technologies and the best practice transaction structures used elsewhere in Africa and comparable emerging markets. 
  • Providing support to the Interagency Transactions Group (ITG) in identifying and prioritizing power projects in focus countries, assessing projects and coordinating appropriate assistance packages. 
  • SEGURA assisted the PCGA team in organizing the PCGA Partners Forum. The meeting provided a follow on opportunity to discuss the U.S. Government’s (USG) plans to support increased development of, and investment in, power projects in Africa, and addressed the attractiveness of Africa as an investment target for international institutional investors.


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