SEGURA Consulting (under sub-contract with Booz Allen Hamilton) led the creation of the Balkans Infrastructure Development Facility, as part of the Regional Infrastructure Program for Southeast Europe (RIP) funded by USAID.  

SEGURA coordinated a multidisciplinary team for the basic conceptual design and obtained financial support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and six European bi-lateral agencies, for a total capitalization of $10.5 million. The team developed a financial model to determine what level of investment in project preparation would be required to leverage significant private capital investment in infrastructure, allowing for a variety of economic scenarios. A detailed Business Plan and Investment Memorandum were developed and the facility was successfully launched by USAID, IFC and the other bilateral donors. 

The facility operated in the Balkans region as PEP-SEI (Private Enterprise Partnership for Southeast Europe Infrastructure), then PEPSE, managed directly by IFC  and reporting to a Board of Donors. The facility provided grant funding for qualified infrastructure projects throughout the Balkans region for a number of years. 

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