Beginning in October 2012, SEGURA Consulting provided assistance to the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) in collaboration with CEPAD, a Bolivian non-profit organization. The initial assignment consisted of the assessment and re-design of three programs executed by CAF during the past 10 years in 8 Latin American countries:

  1. The Leadership for Transformation Program, a training activity delivered by 5 entities to local leaders in 5 countries which benefited 24,000 participants.
  2. The Governance and Political Management Program, a training activity for government employees delivered by 11 universities in association with the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. This project was implemented in 8 countries and benefited 14,000 participants.
  3. The Regional Program for the Upgrading and Improvement of Local Management (PRAMEG), which supported 50 municipalities in the design of strategic plans and programs to enhance financial sustainability.

The assessment included interviews and visits to all training programs and a selected number of municipalities where PRAMEG was implemented. Based on the results of the evaluation, SEGURA proposed a strategy to introduce improvements to increase the program’s effectiveness and to respond to CAF’s new challenges and priorities in the region.

In March 2013, SEGURA extended the collaboration to CAF assisting on the monitoring and evaluation activities for the Leadership for Transformation Program and the Governance and Political Management Program for the year 2013.  

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