In 2013, SEGURA Consulting completed the evaluation of the 2007 DCA guarantees with Capital Bank and SOGEBANK in support of loans to SMEs in productive sectors such as such as agriculture, handicraft, tourism, textile industries, waste removal, construction, and fisheries.

This evaluation was part of a series of DCA evaluations conducted by SEGURA from 2008 to 2013. USAID's Development Credit Authority (DCA) was created in 1999 to mobilize local private capital through the establishment of real risk sharing relationships with private financial institutions in USAID countries. The tool is available to all USAID overseas missions and can be used as a vehicle for providing much needed credit to an array of enterprises and underserved sectors. 

These evaluations used a mixed methods approach, including statistical analysis of loan data, key informant and group interviews, and document review. The team designed a customized framework for each case to account for unique partner guarantee objectives, context, and developed indicators.

The evaluation used one to two week field assessments to conduct semi-structured interviews with the partner staff, the USAID Mission, and other financial sector experts, including other lenders. The SEGURA evaluation team also collected additional documents from interviewees, as well as lending data from the partner institution. When addressed, the borrowers were approached either through focus groups, questionnaires, or one-on-one interviews.

The evaluation team then used a combination of comparative analysis, statistical analysis, and content pattern analysis to draw findings from all of the collected data, from which conclusions were drawn. SEGURA produced a detailed evaluation report, an impact brief (see below), and made a presentation of the findings to USAID.

Haiti Impact Brief

Haiti Impact Brief


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