The USAID G3 Program was tasked with improving transparency, accountability and institutional efficiency at all levels of government in providing better services to citizens, as well as improving communication channels between GoG institutions, stakeholders, civil society and citizens.

Under Component 1, the project promoted improved public administration at the federal level by advancing public sector reform in targeted governmental institutions using human and institutional capacity development approaches. Under Component 2, the project worked in selected municipalities to promote more responsive, professional and engaged local governance. 

SEGURA Consulting, as subcontractor to MSI under G3, was tasked with providing short term technical assistance experts to bolster the team’s expertise in the areas of budgeting, human resource development, policy and regulation development, strategic planning, census taking, and institutional strengthening. To that end, SEGURA  provided performance audit experts, human resources experts, program budgeting experts, civil service experts, freedom of information act experts, and public finance experts, as detailed below:

  • Performance Auditing: SEGURA provided technical assistance and training to the Chamber of Control of Georgia (CCG) to improve its auditing capacity. This was achieved through targeted training of its staff, with an emphasis on the development of a sustainable mechanism for future transfer of knowledge through a Train-the-Trainer methodology, as well as the institutionalization of audit and reporting requirements.
  • Governmental Human Resources Management and Curriculum Development: SEGURA worked with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Chamber of Control of Georgia (CCG), Civil Service Bureau (CSB), the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara (GoARA), and the CRA to integrate Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) approaches into institutional HR frameworks.
  • Program Budgeting: By working with G3 staff and a locally contracted firm, SEGURA provided technical assistance to help GoARA to improve, standardize and institutionalize its program budgeting capacity.
  • Civil Service Reform: SEGURA and the rest of the G3 team helped to enact civil service reform by assembling international best practices, researching current and past attempts to reform civil service in Georgia, exploring current policy directions and priorities, and ultimately brainstorming and documenting a new vision for comprehensive civil service reforms.
  • Freedom of Information Act: SEGURA worked closely with the G3 team and the locally contracted organization to implement an FOIA Public Awareness project, and assisted in improving the processes related to effective implementation of the Freedom of Information Act in Georgia.  
  • Public Finance Results-Based Management: SEGURA worked with the Ministry of Finance in Georgia (MoF) to reform public finance by helping the agency to implement a Management for Results (MFR) framework. 

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