TetraTech ARD, with SEGURA as a subcontractor, has been awarded a task order under the Making Cities Work (MCW) IDIQ.  The Guatemala Urban Municipal Governance Project is a five-year project designed to reduce levels of violence in municipalities most at risk of violent crime through enhanced municipal governance, increased coverage and quality of municipal services, and greater citizen participation and oversight.

The project provides municipal governments with improved technology solutions and technical assistance to achieve transparent and participatory planning, financial management, and effective service delivery implementation. UMG also provides technical assistance, capacity building support, and resources for direct improvements to community-based organizations working in partnership with municipalities to improve needed services. The project works in 21 cities, complementing the Convivimos and Community Roots citizen security projects.

Contact Information:

Jorge F. Segura
Managing Partner
SEGURA Consulting LLC
Tel: (301) 469-4724