Guillermo Yepes

Mr. Yepes is an Environmental and Water Resources Engineer with over 35 years experience in assisting governments, regulators and water and wastewater utilities to implement sustainable operating, pricing, financial and private sector participation practices. 

Mr. Yepes has performed numerous studies to determine the viability of PSP transactions in several countries including landmark studies for several regional utilities in Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Georgia and Ecuador where technical, economic, and financial and pricing issues were analyzed within the framework of private sector participation and least cost investment plans to reach desired development objectives. 

As the Principal Water Sector Advisor at the World Bank, Mr. Yepes oversaw over 24 years the policy analysis and operational support for water and wastewater services improvement projects, including private sector participation, benchmarking, pricing and regulation on a worldwide basis. Mr. Yepes is intimately familiar with utility operations, private sector participation, and sector reform and brings a wealth of diverse experience in planning and implementing feasibility studies with a keen understanding of win-win alternatives to governments, utilities and private investors and final users to resolve sensitive issues such as tariff reform, subsidy policy, labor issues and risk allocation and mitigation.

Mr. Yepes received degrees in engineering from the University of Illinois (USA) and from the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia); he also holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering the University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Yepes has published numerous articles in international professional magazines about water utilities, water resources development and sanitation, pricing and subsidies and benchmarking and regulation and their impact on society, the economy and the utility.  He speaks Spanish and English and has a good knowledge of French.