SEGURA assessed opportunities for USAID to support accelerated economic development and income generation in North Kosovo with a particular focus on North Mitrovicë/a.

The specific tasks for this assessment were:

  1. Assessment of Economic Conditions in North Kosovo
    The consulting team took a broad approach to assess the economic conditions and needs in the communities by considering economic policies, private sector opportunities and constraints, and related inhibitors of economic growth for quick-impact projects. 
  2. Identification of Possible Economic Development Projects
    The consulting team identified a list of possible projects for USAID economic support in the region by taking into consideration the local political situation, sound macro- and microeconomic principles, and lessons learned from international experiences in similar complex ethic settings.
  3. Prioritization and Timing of USAID Interventions
    By analyzing interventions from a short-term, medium-term, and long-term perspective, the consulting team rated project priorities to guide USAID/Kosovo on the relative importance of proposed projects.

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