SEGURA Consulting, LLC (SEGURA) is an international consulting firm specializing in advisory services to public and private sector clients in emerging markets. SEGURA has served USAID bureaus and missions in a variety of countries around the world in the successful implementation of large and complex projects. Our firm managed two IQCs: SEGIR Privatization II and GBTI II, both involving the simultaneous management of a number of Task Orders, including long-term, multi-million dollar projects. We also recently implemented a series of DCA program performance evaluations in numerous countries as well as other individual program evaluations. Thus, the SEGURA consortium technical expertise and capabilities cover every technical area outlined in the M&E IDIQ SOW. As the prime, SEGURA will rely on its wide-ranging experience to be in a position to implement 51 percent of the total contracted work.


Area of Expertise


Prime Contractor

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Small business with experience successfully managing 2 USAID IQCs. Completed evaluations world-wide in diverse sectors such as economic growth, energy and infrastructure, agriculture, finance, trade, and governance. Knowledge management and performance monitoring expertise.

Responsible for overall technical and managerial leadership of the project and coordination of activities under all objectives, through the IDIQ Manager.

Manage task order proposals and implementation. Technical leadership in economic growth M&E efforts. 



Internationally recognized and respected provider of high quality instruction, delivered through a balanced curriculum that emphasizes practical relevance for practicing evaluators. Brings together the most highly regarded experts who can identify and structure the most useful evaluation capacity building approaches, and who would then provide instruction and learning activities that enhance the role of, the practice of, and the impact of evaluation. 

Comprehensive professional training for practicing evaluators, as well as consultation and evaluation expertise across evaluation approaches (e.g., performance, process, developmental, outcome and impact) and models. Provides training programs from curriculum of more than 46 evaluation courses ranging from design, measurement and analytic methods (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, meta-analysis, etc.); evaluation capacity building; and other innovative approaches to evaluation.


Professional services company specialized on performance evaluations and focusing on improving organizational performance and accountability of projects related to humanitarian aid, democracy, gender, youth, human rights, post conflict reconstruction, and human capacity development.

Lead the research design as well as data collection, analysis, and synthesis related to impact evaluations with a focus on qualitative research tools, as well as quantitative research methods.

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Nonprofit using technology to improve development effectiveness and data management. Provides a range of information management solutions, including the Aid Management Platform (AMP), to help clients monitor progress and use and analyze critical performance information.

Support performance monitoring through the following technology services: project management tools; GIS tools; KM tools; data visualizations; processes for collecting and using data; training of users on data collection and analysis; and evaluation of ICT interventions.


Nonprofit providing innovative approaches in agriculture, climate change, natural resources management, and clean energy. Considerable experience designing and implementing M&E systems for USAID programs

Technical support and capacity-building services for M&E related to subject matter expertise, such as development and implementation of PMPs; designing and conducting baseline studies, assessments, and evaluations; and managing rigorous project monitoring processes.


International organization that works to improve global health by accelerating innovation across five platforms: vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations.

Technical leadership on M&E of public health and health technologies by blending performance monitoring, operations research, process evaluation, clinical studies, and rigorous outcome/impact evaluation.