New report: 20 years review of USAID EG assistance in E&E

Under the RCI project implemented by SEGURA, USAID commissioned a report to review the 20 years of Economic Growth Assistance from USAID to the Europe and Eurasia region following the fall of communism. The purpose of the paper was to to document the context in which U.S. assistance was provided, describe programs in six technical areas, summarize lessons learned, and discuss remaining challenges.

On January 30, 2014, an event was held as the Society for International Development to highlight the findings of the papers for the development community, emphasizing the critical role the U.S. played in Europe and Eurasia's reconstruction and the political imperative of our work in the region.  It also allowed senior members of the E&E bureau's economic growth office to engage in Q&A with development practitioners with regard to the experience in U.S. economic assistance in the region to disseminate potential lessons learned that would apply to programs in other similar, future transitional circumstances.

The paper can be found on the RCI website.