SEGURA Consulting, in collaboration with the Boston-based consulting firm BCP Worldwide, provided technical assistance to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) for the development of financing mechanisms that support US private investment in OPIC eligible countries, particularly in Africa. 

This assistance included the development of a Loan Guarantee Facility with a major US commercial, money center bank. The Guarantee Facility provided OPIC risk sharing on loans made by the bank to qualified US investors for private sector investment projects in eligible countries. Additional assistance was provided in the preparation of a solicitation for US regional banks to access a similar loan guarantee facility. The company also assisted OPIC in the administration of OPIC’s Enterprise Development Network, which provides direct assistance to US small business in accessing financing for investment projects in OPIC eligible countries. (ARCHIVED) (ARCHIVED) (LEGACY SiTE - ARCHIVED) (LEGACY SiTE - ARCHIVED)


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