Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development was a multi-donor-funded grant program that supported the development and commercialization of clean energy innovations that increase agricultural productivity, such as solar irrigation pumps and milk chillers, and biomass-fueled grain dryers.

SEGURA, as a subcontractor to Tetra Tech under the Powering Agriculture Support Task Order (PASTO), helped develop the program’s M&E Plan. In addition to including USAID’s required indicators, the plan called for custom monitoring indicators to be collected and reported by innovators and verified through field visits. SEGURA’s technical expert crafted M&E guidance that instructed grantees on how to employ these indicators, installed an electronic dashboard for the grantees to submit their quarterly performance indicators, provided feedback to individual innovators’ M&E plans, and advised on the first site visit to Senegal.

SEGURA also assisted Tetra Tech with the mid-term performance evaluation of the first round of innovators. Findings and recommendations were presented at the Ag Innovation Investment Summit Conference in June 2016.

Finally, SEGURA advised some individual innovators on business planning and scaling-up activities to help them transform their prototypes into products to be commercialized. Several innovators were able to move into manufacturing their products and begin marketing within their respective countries or regions.

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