Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP)


Under CCEP, SEGURA helps develop Colombia’s technical and institutional capacity in clean energy, with a special focus on expanding energy access in remote areas

The Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP) is USAID/Colombia’s flagship clean energy activity and supports the Presidential Initiative on Climate Change and the government-wide Enhancing Capacity – Low Emissions Development Strategy (EC-LEDS).

Under this new program financed by USAID, Tetra Tech and SEGURA Consulting LLC assist in the development of Colombia’s technical and institutional capacity in clean energy.

Project activities include:

  1. Providing technical and economic analysis assistance to enhance the energy efficiency enabling environment.
  2. Supporting comprehensive and quantitative analysis of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) opportunities to guide future project investments in strategic sectors.
  3. Providing a detailed review of the regulatory framework, and producing recommendations to introduce reforms that will enhance the opportunities for energy efficient growth and renewable energy investment promotion.
  4. Improving access to finance in collaboration with Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) as well as through the development of a Project Preparation Facility (PPF). The PPF will concentrate on the identification and promotion of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects providing transaction assistance from their origin to their financial closure. See more detail here.

Tetra Tech and SEGURA provide a variety of implementation support services for CCEP including technical and economic analysis, renewable energy resource assessments, training, outreach, and advisory services.

Contact Information:

Jorge Segura
Managing Partner
SEGURA Consulting LLC
Tel. (301) 469-4724

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