The firm’s core consulting team, supported by some of the best talent available, focuses on three key service areas:

A. Public Sector & State Enterprise Reform   B. Private Sector Development   C. Project Development & Implementation

A. Public Sector & State Enterprise Reform
B. Private Sector Development
C. Project Development & Implementation

In practice, these three broad categories tend to partially overlap and increasingly projects require the interaction of both, private and public sectors. 

Each of these areas includes specific services that are very relevant to the agencies and international financial institutions that we serve. We believe there is an appropriate balance between public interest and private entrepreneurship that leads to social progress and economic development.

It is in this general framework that our firm provides value added to its customers.

In today’s Knowledge Age, it is more crucial than ever to combine the right mix of experts, in order to integrate consulting teams capable of assisting in true transformational performance. We seek to combine a variety of disciplines to be able to accomplish meaningful change.

Public Services - Economic and Public Policy

  • Private Sector Participation Options
  • De-monopolization, Restructuring and Regulation
  • Infrastructure Finance (e.g. BOT/BOO,ROT/ROO)
  • Post-Privatization Support (e.g. mediation, contract renegotiation, regulatory adjustments, etc.)
  • Sector Assessment and Benchmark Analysis

State Owned Enterprise Restructuring

  • Strategy for Private Sector Involvement (e.g. divestiture, concession, management contract, etc.)
  • Diagnostic Study - Viability Analysis
  • Valuation - DCF simulations
  • Identification and Screening of Potential Investors
  • Implementation/Transaction Support

Modernization of the State ("Re-inventing Government")

  • Government-wide Diagnostic Review
  • E- Government Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Institutional Restructuring
  • Performance Improvement
  • Action Plan / Implementation