USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) provides technical assistance, capacity building, and training to relevant stakeholders and counterparts in order to support the growth of MSMEs and promote entrepreneurship in Egypt. Stakeholders and counterparts include public sector reform champions, universities, mentors, business associations, investors, financial institutions, public organizations, MSMEs, and entrepreneurs.

Specifically, the SEED project focuses on

  1. improving the quality, availability, and accessibility of financial and non-financial services
  2. connecting entrepreneurs and MSMEs with these services
  3. linking suppliers with established firms in selected sectors
  4. encouraging formalization of private enterprises; and
  5. strengthening the ability of business associations to address policies that impact the ease of doing business

As part of a consortium led by AECOM, SEGURA is providing technical assistance. SEGURA has three long term local Value Chain Advisors and highly specialized short term regional and international consultants to share best practices in value chain development under Component C technical areas (Integration of MSMEs in Value-Chains). SEGURA's 3 Long Term Value Chain Development Advisors working under this Component are responsible for the identification, planning, and execution of SEED’s key private sector-led interventions that facilitate and support sustainable integration of MSMEs in value chains. Each of the Value Chain Advisors is working on a different industrial sector - Dairy and Fisheries, Ready Made Garments, and Plastics/Auto Feeding Industries.  

Contact Information:

Jorge F. Segura
Managing Partner
SEGURA Consulting LLC
Tel: (301) 469-4724