Sustainable Water and Sanitation for Africa (SUWASA) was a six-year regional initiative that launched in September 2009 by USAID implemented by ARD, Inc. with the participation of SEGURA Consulting LLC. 

SUWASA worked to improve and expand the delivery of water and sanitation services in urban and peri-urban settings, with a focus on meeting the needs of the poor. The initiative was designed to encourage long-term financial sustainability of water and sanitation services delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa through the application of market-based principles and engagement of the private sector within a conducive policy and regulatory framework.

SUWASA support consisted of technical assistance and capacity building supplemented by limited financial support for infrastructure improvements and commodity procurements as needed to help assure initiative success. 

In Ethiopia, with the participation of SEGURA Consulting LLC, SUWASA promoted a project with the Hawassa Town Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise (HTWSSSE) aimed at “Introducing efficient and innovative water and sanitation services in Hawassa”, the capital city of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR). The experiences gained through the project serve as a model for transforming the utilities of other secondary towns across Ethiopia and therewith contribute towards the overall SUWASA goal of “Improving access to safe, affordable, sustainable and reliable water and sanitation services.”

In Nigeria, SEGURA participated in water utility reform programs in Bauchi, Ebonyi and Rivers States supporting the introduction of tariff reforms, the establishment of water regulatory entities and strengthening local management capabilities on finance and accounting systems as well as introducing internal controls and billing and collections systems.

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