SEGURA Consulting: Main Office

SEGURA Consulting: Main Office

SEGURA Consulting LLC is an international consulting firm, specializing in advisory services to public and private sector clients in emerging markets around the globe. 

Combining the experience of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the firm delivers high quality consulting and project implementation support to address the needs of government and business in developing countries.

SEGURA Consulting LLC is based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, with easy access to US Government agencies, international organizations, major research centers, think tanks and universities, as well as diplomatic and commercial delegations from all over the world. We also maintain a satellite office in Bogotá, Colombia.

Partners and Principal Associates of our firm come from some of the world’s most prestigious professional services organizations and international financial institutions. Our commitment is to provide “brand name” advisory services of the highest quality, with the agility and flexibility that contemporary realities demand.

We believe in professionalism, client service, fairness and integrity. We provide our clients with honest advice and dedicated support to jointly achieve effective results. We seek to develop long - term professional relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

What's New

USAID/Nigeria has awarded RTI International the Effective Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services (E-WASH) program, which will work to ensure sustainable water services through better governance and accountability, as well as policy, institutional, and regulatory reform. The program will assist the Government of Nigeria to expand and improve urban water service delivery by strengthening the governance, financial and technical viability of select State Water Boards (SWBs).

The E-WASH program aims to improve performance of six SWBs by strengthening core financial and operational capabilities to increase services, attract outside investment, and reduce water losses throughout the system.

SEGURA, as subcontractors to RTI, supports Components 2 (Improving financial and operational viability of SWBs) and 3 (strengthening policy, institutional and regulatory frameworks for improved WASH services).

SEGURA, as subcontractors to Resonance, has begun working on the USAID Trade and Competitiveness Activity (TCA). TCA supports the USAID Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3)’s Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform (TRR). Resonance and SEGURA provide technical support and services to USAID Missions, USAID/Washington, and other United States Government (USG) operating units to design, implement, and evaluate a broad range of activities related to trade and investment, private sector development, poverty reduction, and regulatory reform.

SEGURA Consulting is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a prime contractor for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Power Africa Expansion IDIQ. This contractual vehicle is a five-year, multi-holder contract with a $900 million ceiling, seeks to increase the number of people with access to power across sub-Saharan Africa.

Tetra Tech Inc., supported by SEGURA Consulting, has been awarded the USAID Colombia Community Development and Licit Opportunities (CDLO) Activity. CDLO is a five-year project designed to strengthen the capacity of conflict-affected communities to be reliable and effective partners with state and private sector actors in the implementation of comprehensive rural social and economic development activities, including the promotion of illegal crops substitution and alternative development.


Regional Economic Growth (REG)
The purpose of the REG Project is to promote broad based, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the E&E region, through increased private sector competitiveness and financial sector stability.


Colombia | Community Development and Licit Opportunities Activity (CDLO)
SEGURA Consulting LLC, serving as subcontractor to Tetra Tech, Inc., is participating in a five-year contract to provide technical assistance to USAID Colombia. 

Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP)
The Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP) is USAID/Colombia’s flagship clean energy activity and supports the Presidential Initiative on Climate Change and the whole-of-government Enhancing Capacity – Low Emissions Development Strategy.

Jordan | Water Management Initiative (WMI)

Under the USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative (WMI), Tetra Tech and SEGURA Consulting support USAID in its efforts to implement Jordan’s National Water Strategy. 


Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) 

SEGURA provides technical assistance, capacity building, and training to relevant stakeholders and counterparts in order to support the growth of MSMEs and promote entrepreneurship in Egypt. 


Guatemala Urban Municipal Governance (UMG) Project

A five-year project designed to reduce levels of violence in municipalities most at risk of violent crime through enhanced municipal governance, increased coverage and quality of municipal services, and greater citizen participation and oversight.

WASH-FIN - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Financing Project

Tetra Tech and SEGURA Consulting support USAID in its efforts to close financing gaps to achieve universal access to water and sanitation services through sustainable and creditworthy business models, increased public funding and expanded market finance for infrastructure investment.