SEGURA Consulting: Main Office

SEGURA Consulting: Main Office

SEGURA Consulting LLC is an international consulting firm, specializing in advisory services to public and private sector clients in emerging markets around the globe. 

Combining the experience of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the firm delivers high quality consulting and project implementation support to address the needs of government and business in developing countries. (Read More...)

Contractual Vehicles

Regional Economic Growth (REG)
The purpose of the REG Project is to promote broad based, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the E&E region, through increased private sector competitiveness and financial sector stability.

Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP)
The Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP) is USAID/Colombia’s flagship clean energy activity and supports the Presidential Initiative on Climate Change and the whole-of-government Enhancing Capacity – Low Emissions Development Strategy.

Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA)
SUWASA improved and expanded the delivery of water and sanitation services in urban and peri-urban settings, with a focus on meeting the needs of the poor.

Private Capital Group for Africa (PCGA)
SEGURA Consulting is providing technical assistance to support investment in client countries in Africa. PCGA seeks opportunities for USAID to support private sector-driven solutions to challenges in various sectors, including energy as it relates to Power Africa. 

Colombia | Responde
The Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative (CELI) Central Region Program is helping to strengthen the Colombian government, increase social and economic development for conflict affected communities, and improve the delivery of basic infrastructure and services.

What's New

SEGURA, as subcontractor to Tetra Tech, Inc., is currently implementing a five year contract to provide technical assistance to USAID Jordan. Under the USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative (WMI), Tetra Tech and SEGURA Consulting support USAID in its efforts to implement Jordan’s National Water Strategy. WMI is set to continue through 2021.

As a subcontractor to Tetra-Tech, Inc, SEGURA has begun working on a five year contract to provide technical assistance to the USAID Water Office. Tetra Tech and SEGURA Consulting support USAID in its efforts to close financing gaps to achieve universal access to water and sanitation services through sustainable and creditworthy business models, increased public funding and expanded market finance for infrastructure investment. The project is set to run from 2016 to 2021.

TetraTech ARD and SEGURA have been awarded a task order under the Making Cities Work (MCW) IDIQ.  The Guatemala Urban Municipal Governance Project is a five-year project designed to reduce levels of violence in municipalities most at risk of violent crime through enhanced municipal governance, increased coverage and quality of municipal services, and greater citizen participation and oversight. As a subcontractor to TetraTech, SEGURA provides short-term technical assistance (international and local) to strengthen municipal management of public funds for public service delivery.

As part of a consortium led by AECOM, SEGURA is providing technical assistance under the Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project in Egypt. SEGURA is implementing Component C, focusing on the integration of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) into Progressive Value-Chains. SEED is set to continue through 2018.